About us

We are a team full of positive energy and unlimited inspiration! We believe anything is possible if you put your mind and hard work into it.
We promise a fresh and useful perspective on each and every business we work with.
In a world getting more and more complicated by the minute we will find the simplest and most suitable solutions out there and help implement them.
People are the most important factor in any business. We care about people and we love working with business that value their teams.

Our service

We believe each client is unique and each business issue is singular in its description, thus the solutions we offer will be highly personalized. Even when recommending already available technology platforms or analytics their implementation will be customized and adapted to each business we work with.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is about the client. Marketing is not about sales. Sales will come if clients are happy and appreciate what you have to offer as a brand in their lives.
We consider Marketing a science. A beautiful science of understanding people. A marketer will never excel at this job if he or she does not understand what people are all about. Marketing does not happen to you :)! It can be measures, planned, optimized. It is an investment for your business not a cost. We are not in the moment when we can now with absolute certainty which half of our marketing budget does not generate results!

Business Innovation

In any business today innovation, technology and automation are vital. The digital landscape is transforming the world. Internet has made available to anyone from any part of the connected world all the information you need to transform your business; we just need to use it.
Through innovation we understand change, by change we understand: improving business processes, implementing better workflows, eliminating manual work and ultimately transforming the way people working for your business think. It is hard work and sometimes the process might be painful, but only the ones who change will be the best.

Customer Centric Business Analytics

We can define and measure the most valuable Business KPIs. For some businesses these might be: Customer lifetime Value, Conversion Rate and Churn rate for others: New Customers, Repeat Purchase Rate, Average Revenue per User or Loyalty Program Subscribers.
Each Business is unique. By identifying and measuring in a proper manner the right KPIs business decisions will come easy and continuous growth will be decoded and achieved.
To do this we will use technology, marketing automation tools and BI platforms – mastering technology and using the most innovative tools in the market is our specialty.

From the blog

Our blog is about: trends, technology and personal development. We hope you will enjoy the information and thank you for spending time here with us. Looking forward to your feedback.

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Our blog is about: trends, technology and personal development. We hope you will enjoy the information and thank you for spending time here with us. Looking forward to your feedback :0 .


We invite you to connected with us. If you would like to add us to your own conversation, feel free to use #epycateam or @epycateam. We welcome any topic related to technology, marketing strategy or business innovation. Thank you!


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